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Female Transsexual
  • The minimum age for registering as an escort is 18, or the minimum age allowed in the country you are living in.
  • The sender's text (and pictures) are generally copied in full. You are free to create your own profile.
  • If the quality of your text is not good enough, it will have to be edited. After that it will be placed.
  • You must place pictures of yourself! Naturally, nude pictures and action pictures are allowed. These should not be another person's pictures.
  • Texts or pictures that contravene Dutch and/or international law will not be placed.
  • It is not allowed to create a profile for someone else without his or her approval.
  • Several profiles per escort are not allowed, in which case the profiles will be rejected without stating the reasons for doing so.
  • Complete profiles, texts and/or pictures can be deleted or refused by without stating the reasons for doing so.
  • accepts no responsibility for the consequences of the placement of profiles by escorts.
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